Larita – A Dream Grass Hill

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 Larita – Doi Co Mo (Dream Grass Hill) is located in Chanh hamlet, Cao Son commune, Luong Son district, Hoa Binh province. About 50 km from Hanoi capital, the grassy hill is surrounded by mountains and forests. This place offers a spacious and clear picture, suitable for short weekend trips.

The dream grass hill is modeled after the European village style. Small bungalows overlooking the island of flowers bloom brilliantly throughout the four seasons with 12 beautiful and neat little wooden houses designed neatly and delicately. The air is fresh and quiet, the boats swim along the banks of flowers and grass, a steppe for children to run and jump, the wooden houses are meticulously designed in every detail with bold European village style with inspiration from the 4 seasons.



Lovely wooden houses at Dream Grass Hill

It offers a variety of services such as accommodation, camping, check-in and boating and fishing activities to serve the entertainment and teambuilding needs of visitors everywhere. Although not too large or famous, Dream Grass Hill is definitely a place that you should visit once.


Rowing on the lake  


Tourists enjoy ethnic cultural performances in a vast green space

Besides, the owner of this place has surrounded the houses with fragrant rose gardens with roses such as: ancient sapa rose, cinnamon, velvet, kate roes, etc. and some other flowers. Depending on the season of the year, the flowers bloom to welcome visitors, creating beautiful backgrounds for tourists to check in. The feeling of walking in the middle of a green space filled with flowers and flowers helps the soul to become more peaceful and comfortable.


Roses Garden in Doi Co Mo

When coming to this place, adults can take a leisurely walk, children are free to run and play. With a large space, with many shooting angles, visitors will surely have unique and memorable photos in the memory of the trip. This beautiful farm stay in Hoa Binh also has areas for guests to eat, drink coffee and enjoy the view. Really a great experience after stressful working days in th

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