Na Bo – a wild camping spot in Kim Boi for young people

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Boi River flows through Na Bo hamlet (Sao Bay commune, Kim Boi commune, Hoa Binh province), meandering like a soft silk strip embracing the farm. The river water is clear and green like the cool water of a lake, so for generations, this is the ideal place of the Muong people in the summer. Recently, many tourists have found the peaceful beauty of this river and have come here to camp, enjoy the fresh nature and beautiful scenery here.

Favored by nature in terms of landscape, fresh environment and only less than two hours by car from Ha Noi, traveling to Na Bo is very convenient, cars can go all the way to the yard. With beautiful natural scenery, Na Bo of Boi River is an ideal camping site on the weekend for tourists who are passionate about exploring nature.


Na Bo wild, natural campsite in Kim Boi

When coming to Na Bo, visitors will see the cool blue Boi river flowing through the blue limestone mountains, the river bed is more than one meter deep, and there are countless types of pebbles on the bottom forming a natural beach. that few places have. The airy mountain landscape, surrounded by rocky mountains on all sides, has created an attraction for people not only in the province but also outside the province to come to rest, relax on weekends, check-in to keep beautiful pictures.

In the summer, when the river water dries up, you can place tables and chairs to enjoy the view in the middle of the river, creating something interesting and different. Children about two years old can also go to the river to sit and play, the children who come here can wade in the water, hunt for crabs, and catch snails. However, there are many rocks and large gravel in the river, so parents bring plastic boots and shoes so that their children won't hurt their feet when wading in the river.



Beautiful scenery of Na Bo campsite

Na Bo is a natural “beach”, currently, local people have provided services such as rafting, eating on demand, food is mainly local products such as hill chicken, village pig, clean vegetables. If you want to experience, visitors can prepare everything such as alcohol stove, grill, picnic gas stove and food such as barbecue, bread, ham, sausage, instant noodles, fruit to serve yourselves there.

However, coming to Na Bo, Kim Boi should only play during the day. If you want to camp overnight, you must find a lawn, not on a gravel beach or near a stream and prepare fully for the best experience. From here, visitors can go to Kim Boi hot mineral water resort or the famous Serena resort to enrich the tourism program in Hoa Binh.


Visitors enjoy the peaceful space

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