At the beginning of the year of Hoa Binh excursion, it is impossible to miss two sacred temples with charming scenery on the Da River

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If anyone ever set foot in Thung Nai, it is impossible not to stop by two sacred famous spiritual tourist sites and own this charming scenery.

Recently, Ngoc Anh's set of photos of the early year trip to Princess Thac Bo temple and the Hang Mut temple has attracted many people. The charming landscape here has conquered many enthusiasts.

According to Ngoc Anh, this is the family's trip on February 17th. “My uncle said that these are two very sacred princess temples in Thung Nai, beautiful scenery and a reasonable price travel service, so the whole family together started the trip at the beginning of the year”.

Tour group includes 24 people, the total cost for the whole trip is only about 10 million VND.

From the pier in Thung Nai commune, you start your trip to Princess Thac Bo temple.

From here, you can visit uninhabited uninhabited islands on the Da River or float on the waves of water to drop a leisurely sentence at La Vong. From the wharf, take a boat to Princess Thac Bo temple only 30 minutes. Sitting on the boat as tourists lost in the realm of Ha Long stone island by nature, there are many floating islands like that with countless images imaginable.

A 10-minute boat ride from Princess Thac Bo temple, visitors to a very beautiful cave - Hang Bo. If the water rises, it is possible to take a boat to the cave to see, the water is shallow, walking in the cave, walking on the bamboo trees which are made of monkey bridges.

Hang Tat Princess Temple is located along the lake of Hoa Binh hydropower plant, belonging to Hang Tat village, Quang Minh commune, Moc Chau district, Son La province. The temple was built magnificently on the top of Dau Rong mountain with 3 blocks: Tien - Trung - Hau, with worship of Buddha and the sanctuary of God, Lord Thuong Ngan. Standing at the top of the eye can see the green mountains far away or small islands heaving between the waves of Song Da.

Along the river, Hang Chu market is open on the 1, 2 - 11, 12 - 21, 22 monthly.

The days of crowded, bustling markets, buyers and sellers, on the wharf under the bustling boat. Just a camera you spoiled yourself into the line of merchants, or jump one step between rowing boats. Most interesting is meeting Muong people, Thai people going to the market, chatting and taking pictures with them.

The presence of two temples is a cultural link of every region, a stop for you to try when traveling to Hoa Binh hydropower lake and Son La hydropower lake. A minute of retreat, but also to see the landscape of the sky and clouds shimmering, sacred between the charming place

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