Phuc Hue Homestay in Mai Chau

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Phuc Hue Homestay (Guest house No. 9) is located in Lac village 1 in the community tourist site of Lac village, Chieng Chau commune, Mai Chau district, Hoa Binh province. Lac village has been recognized by the People's Committee of Hoa Binh province as a provincial community-based tourist attraction.

Phuc Hue Homestay – A nice, tipycal place for tourists in Mau Chau

Phuc Hue Homestay is located in the center of the village with a capacity of about 100 guests, including two houses on stilts of Thai ethnic people and one house with three private rooms. Each stilt house is fully equipped with mattresses, blankets, pillows for each guest to sleep; has full standard auxiliary works and hot and cold-water system to serve tourists. The highlight of Phuc Hue Homestay's campus is that there are many trees, fish ponds and is located next to a green field, with an open space.


The homestay has a nice view

Phuc Hue Homestay has European and Asian dishes and dishes with bold Thai identity to serve international and domestic guests. Coming to Phuc Hue Homestay, visitors will enjoy dishes and drinks imbued with the identity of the Thai people such as: grilled village Pig with Mac Khen - Doi Seeds, Buffalo meet Cooked with Lom leaves, hill chicken, grilled fish, sticky rice upland rice, five-color sticky rice, mixed vegetables, apricot corn wine, fruit-soaked wine, etc. Tourists can watch ethnic cultural performances with performances such as: Xoe dance, gong dance, festival dance, Can wine Xoe dance, stall dancing, outdoor campfire, etc.

Phuc Hue homestay has bicycle and electric scooter rental services for tourists to visit tourist attractions in Mai Chau town and the surrounding area; especially serving international delegations walking treeking through the forest.

Phuc Hue homestay is a reliable address that has welcomed many domestic and international tourists to visit and relax. From here, it is very convenient for tourists who want to travel to visit eco-tourism sites, resorts, communities in Mai Chau district or move to Bai Sang port to board a ship to visit resorts on the Hoa Binh Lake tourism Area.

Foreign tourists enjoyed Thai ethnic’s performance at Phuc Hue homestay

Phuc Hue homestay is always ready to welcome and serve you. For more information, please contact the phone number: 0915.175.961

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